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Choosing a Troop Crest

In the early days of Girl Scouting, troop crests were used to identify a troop. The rapid growth of the movement soon made numbering necessary, but crests were kept as a symbol of a troop's goal or main interest. Today, troops should think carefully about the crest they choose. It should have a special meaning to them, one they can pass along to new members each year. The symbol can be used on a troop flag or to mark troop equipment. Every member should know what their crest is and what it means.

Crests are used by Junior, Cadette and Senior level troops.

A new crest is not chosen every year. Once chosen, a crest is used for the life of a troop. If a girl enters an established troop then she takes the crest of that troop. If an entire troop bridges to the next and forms a new troop they may either keep the crest from the previous level or select a new one. If part of a troop bridges and forms a new troop they too have the same option. The girls remaining behind should keep the old crest unless the flavor of the troop has drastically changed from the time the original crest was selected. When an entire troop bridges, the troop receiving their old number is considered a new troop and selects their own crest.

Laura Humphrey
Lone Star Girl Scout Council  *  Austin, TX   USA

Meanings of Troop Crests

  • Bluebird- traditional symbol of happiness and cheerfulness
  • Cardinal- known for its song, Good Cheer and bright color; at home in the city or in the wild
  • Clover Leaf- traditional symbol of good luck; also the shape of the Girl Scout trefoil
  • Daffodil- spring flower, symbol of sunny personality
  • Dogwood- new life, rebirth; a spring flowering tree
  • Falling Star- symbol of good luck - makes wishes come true
  • Forget-Me-Not- long standing symbol of friendship and loyalty
  • Hawaiian Lei- symbol for circle of friendship
  • Lightning- symbol of power in nature
  • Lily of the Valley- symbol of purity, in folklore, it is known as Fairy Bells
  • Morning Glory- symbol of awaking of new day and glory to God
  • Musical Notes- international symbol of music and song
  • Pine Tree- symbol for boldness, loyalty and stability
  • Purple Pansy- also known as "hearts-ease" stands for service and friendship
  • Purple Violet- symbolic today of a clean environment and a clean earth
  • Red Rose- the "All American" flower, symbol of beauty and love
  • Sailboat- symbolizes freedom on the wind of an adventurous journey
  • Seashell- a promise of discovery - a gift from the sea
  • Star of Bethlehem- a guide or beacon that shows the way, a goal
  • Unicorn- symbol of magic, mystery, and purity
  • Waterfall- symbol of the Royal House of Stuart - it stands for loyalty and challenge
  • White Rose- symbol of faith and loyalty, and the quest for truth
  • Wild Rose- perseverance and adaptability even in the face of adversity, beauty in strength, and exploring possibilities



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